On the high street there are thousands of various presents and gift sets which are targeted for the lovely ladies in your life. Typically such gifts are along the lines of high-class make-up packages, pampering packages or some kind of girly book and matching items. More traditionally, gifts for her also always seem to include some element of chocolate, a beautiful bouquet of flowers or – if they are really lucky – some kind of sparkle for their jewellery box. These are all good gift ideas for your loved ladies, but, to be honest, they are a bit unimaginative and nothing that will woo and wow her.

If you have been in a relationship for a while, live together or even if the only woman in your world is your mum, chances are you take her for granted at some point or simply just got used to her always being there. A big birthday or Christmas is a great opportunity to show her you care and score some serious brownie points at the same time. In general, most women do not actually need expensive gifts or random gift sets, but would much rather be given a gift which genuinely expresses how much you care and that you have really thought about them and their personality. For a high impact gift for her, your best bet is to go for something completely unexpected that will really wow her.

On the whole, women love sentimental, thoughtful gifts and, luckily for you, these can be quite affordable. Personalised presents are great #gifts for her as you can take a great traditional present idea such as a photo frame, a special keepsake or even an object for the home and make it really special. Photo albums and frames are always a good plan as you can use photos of times you have shared together, events, concert tickets and special messages to create a really special collection. Creating these on-line is a very inexpensive and quick way to get them looking professional and classy. In terms of photo frames, some people choose to decoupage a plain frame with cool patterned paper, photos and other related items, but for a more luxurious look, you can opt for an engraving service in a silver or metal frame. A present such as this is a really special keepsake and something to remember. Although usually such frames are engraved with names and a special date or something similar, by engraving it with a funny quote, song lyric or piece of a poem, you can take it to another level and get in her good books!

Other home ware items such as vases, carriage clocks and space-form decorations can be customised for the personal touch. You can even have a set of mugs customised so that when they are filled with hot water, they reveal fun photos of you and your woman. Calendars are also a fun customised gift as you can use your personal photos to create each month’s image and then fill in memorable events and anniversaries for a special touch. If your girl is a bit off the wall, you can also have all kinds of crazy gifts personalised so they fit her interests and personality. For green-thumbed girlies, plant pots and apple-crate planters can be customised with a rustic message or simply her name. Students or writers may appreciate personalised notebooks with an accompanying engraved pen and those who enjoy a tipple will think that an engraved oak wine bottler holder – or even customised bottle of wine – is a really thoughtful gift for her.

House-proud girls may get a kick out of a personalised door mat and tea and/or chocolate lovers would love the customised tea bags and chocolate that you can design especially for them. Wannabe singers might love seeing their name up in lights in a customised poster, or even the chance to test out her skills on an experience day package at a recording studio with the guidance of a top producer. If she is more of an adrenaline junkie, always seeking a thrill, an experience day package allowing her to try something crazy such as bungee jumping, paragliding or flying lessons will be right up her street.

Although diamond’s are a girl’s best friend, they really aren’t a boy’s wallets friend at all, so for a high impact gift for her that will really woo and wow her, why not use affordable, easy-to-use and speedy personalisation services to give her the perfect present to make her feel as if she is a princess!

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