There are millions of girls that use Facebook and MySpace. Many of these hot girls are in your home town. You really should be using the power of these sites to date many of these girls. I will show you how you can become a pick up artist online, it is really not that difficult and has nothing to do with looks or money, but you do need to get your profile right. Below are a few tips to help you get reply to your opening message.

1. Be Busy – You need to portray yourself as being important and busy. You should not be using the “what i’m doing today” button at the top of your Facebook profile. Lets face the truth…it’s very sad!

2. Do Not Open Your Profile To Random Access – When you message a girl, she will be given access to your limited profile. You need to make sure that this is all she see’s. Your initial aim is to have her ADD YOU, not the other way round, she will be less inclined to do this if she can already see your entire profile.

3. Your Relationship Status – You need to have your relationship status turned off. Let’s face it, if you message a girl that you don’t know and she see’s that you are single, then it will be obvious to her why you are messaging her. You are just trying to score a date with her! Turn it off, create intrigue and have her ask you what your status is.

4. Your Photos – You need to show an interesting array of cool photos. Cool hobbies, interesting locations and landmarks, good friends enjoying your company. But most importantly of all, hot girls that are REALLY enjoying your company. This will act as a magnet and she will want to know why you are so great! You are on your way to becoming a Pick Up Artist Online.

These are the first few steps to becoming a Pick Up Artist Online, learn the rest of them and some cool opening messages which i can show you and you are on your way to having many hot girls to date.