OK, I know what you’re thinking, the only way to kiss a girl in 10 seconds flat is to have it followed up with a painful slap. Wrong! Sure, there is a risk but it is possible for a confident pick up artist to walk straight up to a girl and kiss her within 10 seconds of making eye contact. Don’t believe me? Read on my friend, read on…

This first happened to me a few years ago and I have remembered the first time, like I remember losing my virginity. I was with a group of bachelors on a stag night (well, day actually!). We went out for a meal and then a few drinks. The first bar we walked into was buzzing. There was a good vibe and we were all on a high.

The moment I set eyes on this petite peroxide blond, I knew I wanted to kiss her. Once I caught her eye, I could tell that she was interested too (it goes without saying that that was important). So that was the moment to take action. Massive action. No time for butterflies, no time for doubt.

I walked up to her and we shared a lingering French kiss. Then said “Thanks, that was nice! We should do it again some time.” and rejoined my friends who were all completely speechless. It goes without saying, I gained some serious kudos that night! I didn’t speak to her again. I ended up with another girl but that isn’t for this story.

So how did it happen? Well, at first, I wasn’t sure but I since figured it out. It was all to do with the way I made it perfectly clear to her that I would kiss her when I reached her if she would let me. You see, most guys no matter how confident will give off a little nervousness when they approach a girl. If they are not quite walking square on to her or if their gaze casually falls away only to return, it gives off a little (albeit minute amount) of ‘beta maleness’.

On this occasion and every one since, when I kiss a girl immediately after seeing her, I never break eye contact from the first eye contact. I never rush. I always look purposeful. I will pause during my approach a few feet away. Then I move in an put myself 90% of the way there. She will finish the last 10% and kiss me if she’s up for it.

The longer your approach, the more excited she will be when you make your final move. The nervous energy will crytallize as sexual chemistry peaking at the moment of your arrival.

But beware! This only works if she gives you the right signals. If she emits the slightest bit of doubt or defensiveness, the game is up. She must commit to keep eye contact with you throughout your approach or at the very least, re-engage with you very soon after your first glance. Even then, when you get so close you could kiss her, she might blow you straight out!

You will know if she is ready – you just will. The only reason you think you might not is because this is such a “balls out” approach that virtually no pick up artist tries it. God only knows why not though. It’s the best high you can get!

Now I’m not saying you are guaranteed this will work. If you are coming across as an alpha male, you increase your chances 100-fold. Give the slightest beta signals and you will get nowhere. Just make sure you freshened your breath!

You can learn more secrets about alpha male traits and how to avoid the fatal mistake of beta-maleness on my blog at http://pick-up-artist-secrets.com